New Executive

H. Dubric:  How to know the method and didactic training for the New Executive

H. Dubric has been fighting since 1974 in the formation of NEW EXECUTIVE, across his FIFTH STYLE or DIRECTION SYSTEM AND FREE INITIATIVE MANAGEMENT, a teaching method which was developed by himself and was making public through his books and seminars taught in Venezuela.

We recommend studying the works of  H. Dubric to learn about and to implement within any social circle the FIFTH SYSTEM OF DIRECTION AND FREE INITIATIVE MANAGEMENT with Ethics and Moral.

This method is a new, comprehensive style that harmonize in all stages of life, based on the conscience of every human being and is the response to actual and future challenges, so teach us to solve problems and to provide that skill and composure to handle us in a world full of pressures and complexities, and gives us the strength to not to decline before adverse circumstances.

In his book “Birth of a new executive“ (Nacimiento de un Nuevo Ejecutivo), H. Dubric affirms emphatically that “the one who manages to know his vocation goes through for a tremendous change, since he feels happy for having listened this called so deeply, unknown of his own essence. A person in these conditions is efficient and can easily be grouped and make everything you do can be successful, can replace without impositions, or improvisations any partner; to give his own points of view of agreement to his advance, with authentic humility, without any dread and with respect”.

Birth of a New Executive (Nacimiento de un Nuevo Ejecutivo); was written in 1.990 and published its first edition in the year 2003, it is a NEW CULTURAL ENTERPRISE who contributes other ingredients that such famous known systems do not contemplate.

It is a work based on the direct experiences of the writer, who as a businessman and COMPANIES ADVISER, he managed to show publicly, through his experiences, the failure of the various foreign theories which were believed – all embracing and imperishable, spread in different industrial centers always framed within (4) or extemporaneous SYSTEMS or MANAGEMENT STYLES, which handle the different tasks of modern human being, whether they be called these: political, religious, economic,
scientific, social, family, etc.

It is a book written with simplicity, without big words, where H. Dubric presents us a different approach to deal with executives and business affairs, under a FIFTH executive form management, called the Free Initiative Management, which works the TALENT of each person has sleepy, developing vocational part.

H. Dubric is a Venezuelan, simple, agreeable, funny and sincere.

The trade of the life defined by himself, led him to be attracted to everything relating to the business, specifically in marketing, initiating like is explained by himself, “employee space, to ascend to the managerial trenches” it means
jobs post with charges of relevancy and hierarchy in different companies.

In 1.992 he formed a group of professionals with extraordinary value, a business consulting and out-sourcing services in Operations / Marketing and Merchandise areas.

He is defined by his colleagues as a hard-working man, clear in his ideas and principles, which is more inclined to the talent of his human intellectual achievements. Firstly, he insists on will survive in these increasingly unstable economies and secondly will cost him rearranged.

THE FIFTH MANAGERIAL STYLE OR SYSTEM OF DIRECTION MANAGING, proposed by him, works harmoniously with the law of the balance or true balance, granting the tools to the Executive to make effective decisions in a world full of pressures and complexities.

We are confident that his (9) managerial works, we will leave a tremendous mark on the hearts of those who have managed to extract the essence thereof.




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